Win an eight pack of Smashers worth £9.99 each

Win an eight pack of Smashers worth £9.99 each

With a disgusting surprise in every SMASH – get ready to unbox a collection of revolting critters… The second series of SMASHERS™ from ZURU brings its innovative SMASHBALL™ in the guise of an all-new EYEBALL to house a crew of freakishly GROSS SMASHERS characters.

Each GROSS SMASHERS character lives inside an iconic Eyeball SMASHBALL which can only be discovered once smashed open.  With over 100 characters to collect, they will also feature select Smashball Eyeballs with creepy mini-beasts covered in slime!  Ghastly creations include a selection from ‘Odd Bodies’, ‘Icky Insects’, ‘Ooze Dudes’, ‘Awful Animals’, ‘Filthy Food’, ‘Toilet Humour’, and ‘Smash Trash’, with rare, ultra-rare see-thru characters and play set exclusive characters to collect.

The SMASHERS Series 2 collection is available in one, three, and eight packs – all full of horrifically foul surprises!   Store your favourite SMASHERS Series 2 characters in the disgustingly gross Collectors Tin which Holds 50 SMASHERS and comes with a grungy Limited Edition Smasher inside!  And for on-the-go fun, take your SMASHERS on the road with the Sludge Bus.  Unveil two exclusive characters and unfold the play set to uncover the rank restroom where you can shoot your SMASHERS into the toilet!

SMASHERS Series 2 are suitable for ages 5+ and available nationwide.  Prices start from £1.99 through to £19.99.

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