What not to say to a stay at home dad

What not to say to a stay at home dad

Society is constantly evolving and with more awareness of changing of traditional family roles, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see a dad doing the school run rather than a mum, but for some reason, there is still an element of shock when you hear about a stay at home dad instead of a mum giving up her career to watch the children before school.

So, should you come across one of these dads in the playground or when dropping your child off on a play date, we’ve compiled a list of things you should never say them.

  • Why?
    How parents decide to raise their children is no one elses’ business, so just don’t.
  • How brave of you!
    Well… Depending on how well behaved their kids are they may be brave to decide to spend as much time with them as possible, but really, is doing what you’re supposed to do as a parent brave? Parenting is a basic duty to your children there isn’t anything overly courageous about it. Perhaps you might think it brave for a man to take on a traditionally female role, in which chase, shh! Cinnamon Rolls, not gender roles people.
  • You change nappies?
    Well, yes. If you are in charge of a baby and that baby needs a nappy change, do you expect them to just leave it until their significant other comes home? They wouldn’t be a very good stay at home dad in that case would they? And really, would you be impressed by a dad proudly declaring that they had never changed a nappy?

So there you go, if you come across a dad doing his dad duties, don’t respond with concern or congratulations, they’re just a parent doing normal parent things.

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