Want more screen free time for the kids? Try these tips to keep them entertained

Want more screen free time for the kids? Try these tips to keep them entertained

These days it can be difficult to get your kids to put down their tablets or games consoles, especially with all the exciting games and the peer pressure to get certain scores – but that doesn’t mean that screen free time has to be boring, here are some great ideas to keep them entertained without a screen in sight!


Whether it is fairy cakes, some biscuits or even helping prepare that night’s tea kids love getting in the kitchen, especially if they have a chance to get a little dirty! Whatever you’re making, cooking is a good life skill and it’s never too early to start. Plus, a screen free task that involves treats afterwards is always a win!

Do some crafts

Again, anything that involves making a mess!  Why not have the kids make cards for their friends or family members they haven’t seen for a while or have them collect interesting looking leaves from the garden or from a walk and have a go at leaf stencils. Alternatively, you can decorate hard boiled eggs as an early Easter decoration or make their own picture books – the possibilities are endless!

Make a treasure hunt

You can easily keep the kids entertained for hours, either outside in a garden where they’ll be out of your way but also safe, or through the house. You can give them a little bag or basket and instructions to find certain items, make it as hard or easy as you like and if you have more than one child, it’s an easy way to get them playing together.

Play some board games

You don’t need a screen to play a game – there are some amazing family friendly boardgames on the market these days and modern twists on old classics that everyone can get involved in.

Do you limit your children’s screen time? If so, how do you keep them amused in between times? If you have any suggestions, let us know!

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