UK 10 year olds have consumed 18 years’ worth of sugar

UK 10 year olds have consumed 18 years’ worth of sugar

In a new report launched in the past week it has been revealed that children have consumed the amount of sugar an 18 year old would have had in a lifetime by their 10th birthdays. The figures released by public health England come at the new Change4Life campaign launch which aims to help reduce sugar intake and tackle childhood obesity. According to the report, children are consuming the equivalent of 2,800 excess sugar cubes a year.

This year’s Change4Life campaign has suggested making swaps in your weekly shop to help reduce the amount of sugar in your children’s diets. Some of their examples include swapping to lower sugar yogurts, such as split-pots, no added sugar drinks rather than those with sugar in and changing breakfast cereals to healthier options.

You can also swap chocolate, puddings, sweets, cakes and pastries for healthier options, such as fruit and jelly.

Change4Life Good Choice badges can be found on a range of popular brands showing which ones are working to reduce the amount of sugar in their products and an app has been launched that can help when making healthier choices at the super market.

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