Things to do this summer – painting rocks

Things to do this summer – painting rocks

If you’re trying to find things to entertain the kids on a budget this summer, here’s a fun suggestion that can keep them amused for hours! Rock painting! You could spend a day hunting for the perfect rocks and then the following day, decorate them to your heart’s content. You don’t need to travel too far to find the perfect rocks either, why not raid the garden, head to the park or if you’re feeling adventurous, go to the beach and grab some pebbles?

Once you have your rocks, here’s what you will need:

Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
A pot of water
Newspaper or parchment
Sharpies or other markers


Firstly give your rocks a little clean to get rid of any dirt or germs and then you’re free to get started! Begin by setting up a work area by laying down some newspaper or parchment paper to protect your surfaces. You can then squeeze out some paints or if you have a palette, lay it out ready. Get some brushes and a pot of water on standby and then using your pencils and sharpies, you can draw your design on before you get started.

Start painting, and then let your rocks dry on the paper.

Once dry, you can finish it off with a glaze and then either display them or gift them to family and friends!



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