Study suggests skipping breakfast leads to childhood obesity

Study suggests skipping breakfast leads to childhood obesity

A new study that was conducted on children in Scotland has found that children who rarely eat breakfast are more likely to be overweight than those that do.

Almost half the children who only ate breakfast occasionally were overweight or obese compared to 31% who always ate breakfast.

The research was conducted for the Scottish Government and found that 34% of children not eating breakfast are overweight by the age of 10 and 19% were found to be obese.

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat breakfast every morning? Is there not enough time? Many schools offer a breakfast club that will give breakfast before school starts, but if yours doesn’t or you’re not sure you could get them there in time, here are some breakfast options that are quick and easy.


Overnight Oats
A breakfast that is raved about by the healthy living influencers online, it is also a great option for the kids, especially if their morning routine doesn’t leave much time to prepare breakfast when they get up. These can be prepared the night before and grabbed from the fridge, enjoy cold or stick it in the microwave for a minute to warm it up.

Add ½ cup of porridge oats to a bowl, add ½ cup of milk (non dairy or dairy, whichever your preference) add fruit, cocoa powder, golden syrup or any other sweetner and stick in the fridge!

Cereal is a great choice for anyone needing to grab a quick bite, you can get many tasty options, including gluten free ones. Choose one that is low sugar and high fibre, letting the kids pick their own cereal will make them more likely to want to eat it!

Toast is another quick breakfast option and with a wide range of toppings, you’ll find something for everyone whether they like a sweet or savoury start to the day.

Are your children breakfast eaters or not? What are their favourite breakfast options? Let us know!


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