Report claims number of obese children reaches new record

Report claims number of obese children reaches new record

A new report from Public Health England has said that there is a record number of primary school children leaving school severely obese.

Data for 2016/17 shows one in every 25 10-11-year-olds were severely obese, this figure amounts to more than 22000 children and is the highest level since records began. Childhood obesity has remained at a fairly stable level over recent years, but this new report has shown that it has been on an upward trend over the last ten years. When records began in the 2006/7 academic year, one in 32 primary leavers were classed as obese.

The report found that:
More deprived areas have a higher rate of overweight and obese children
The disparity is happening at a faster rate in year 6 school leavers than in reception

The new figures did show a downward trend of reception age boys being overweight and obese.

The Department of Health has announced that the second phase of its childhood obesity plan to help halve childhood obesity by 2030, this plan includes sweets and other high fat snacks being banned from the checkout at supermarkets and tighter restrictions on television advertising for junk food.

The measure of severe obesity is a BMI on or above the 99.6th percentile for a child’s age and sex. If you are a parent and you’re concerned about your child’s weight, please do speak to your GP, they will be able to tell you the average weight for your child’s age and height.


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