Peace and Quiet: how parents can make the most of the Summer holidays

Peace and Quiet: how parents can make the most of the Summer holidays

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Many parents are stressed, tired and frantic throughout the Summer holidays when the children are off school and it can feel like they’ve taken over your life. Even if you find that you struggle for time, it’s important to take a small part of the day for alone time or with your partner or alone to wind down from the mayhem of the school holidays.

Four in, five out

Breathing techniques can be helpful when experiencing stress, anxiety or overwhelmed. By breathing in for four counts through your nose and five counts out of your mouth, it can give your organs a much-needed oxygen boost while levelling your heart rate and decreasing tension in your body.

Go on a mini break

Even if you can only get a few days away from the kids, a mini break can be helpful to reconnect with your partner and get some much needed quiet. It’s also great for having some self-care time, whether that’s exploring the area, walking in the woods or pampering yourself after a hot bath with no interruptions!

Release endorphins

Whether you prefer a slow and calming yoga session or a high intensity HIIT session at the gym, look after your body and the rest will follow. Try to take 30 minutes a day to move your body until your heartrate is elevated to release endorphins throughout your body. This happy hormone will help you tackle whatever the day will throw at you.

Try a type of therapy

As another form of self-care, therapy is healing for your mind and body. From music and art therapy to aromatherapy, whatever you choose can take place in the comfort of your home. For instance, aromatherapy can help to manage pain, reduce anxiety and improve your quality of sleep, all without you having to physically do anything. Take yourself away for an hour and put your favourite music on and draw, read or sink into the sofa in a candle-lit room, the choice is yours.

Soak up some vitamin D

Don’t forget to enjoy the sun while it lasts this Summer – this is a perfect way to get all the benefits that the sun can give you whilst spending time with the family outdoors. Vitamin D has many roles in the body, including supporting your immune system, lung function and cardiovascular health as well as maintaining the health of bones and teeth; so as long as you wear sunscreen, there’s no reason to avoid the rays while they’re here.

However, you choose to get through the Summer holidays, be sure to make some time for yourself.

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