NHS figures show more boys are being treated for eating disorders

NHS figures show more boys are being treated for eating disorders

According to NHS digital, the number of boys being treated for eating disorders is at an all-time high.
Although there are still more girls than boys being treated for eating disorders, the number of boys aged 5-19 being treated had doubled in 2018.
The data is part of a large scale NHS review of mental health conditions among children which included information from 9117 children and young people, their parents and teachers.

Experts have suggested that this is down to the fact that parents and teachers will have conversations about the impact of yo-yo dieting and self esteem with girls, but not with boys. Young boys are being bombarded with images of male influencers in the media and online and this can create a negative relationship with their bodies and food.

Researchers have found that the media creates unrealistic body types and encouraging young boys to talk about it and understand issues such as photoshopping can help prevent eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

If you’re worried that your child could have an eating disorder, speak to your GP about setting up an appointment with CAMHS, depending on where you live and how soon you can talk to someone, you can also speak to charities such as YoungMinds and B-eat.


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