New parent? Here’s a few tips from those that have been there

New parent? Here’s a few tips from those that have been there

Having a baby is a special time for every family, but the one thing that new parents miss the most about their pre baby life is sleep. While sleeping in shifts or just not sleeping through the night at all is a reality for a lot of parents with young children, the sleepless nights don’t last forever, trust us and if you don’t, we got some parents to back us up.

One mum said the most important thing is to prepare yourself for the lack of sleep, parents need to be realistic about their expectations and what is normal for babies, many of them actually sleep badly into toddlerdom, mine certainly did.

Another told us that they gave themselves a routine, even if the baby didn’t stick to it, they were able to and it really helped with the fatigue. Every morning, get up, shower and get dressed. Staying in your pjs all day will not help you get out of a funk. Leave the house as soon as possible, even if it is just walking along the road and back again, fresh air is good for both of you.

Many people will tell you to grab a nap when your baby does, but that isn’t always possible, often times, it’s the only chance you have to shower or eat. If you have a partner, work out a routine with them, so you can support each other through the sleep. Outside of this, speak to friends who have been through the same thing, they are always willing to help with tricks and tips.

Another mum we spoke to told us to avoid coffee and biscuits, eating healthy sugars and drinking plenty of water will be a lot more effective at battling tiredness. Eating a handful of nuts or an apple as a snack will help, plus if you eat little and often, it will help with energy slumps during the day.

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