How to comfort anxious children during a storm

How to comfort anxious children during a storm

With all the hot weather we’ve had recently and now the wet, it’s no surprise that weather reports are predicting thunder storms for the UK, but what do we do to help keep our children calm during a storm?

If your child is scared of thunder and lightning, the best way to help them feel better is to talk to them about what is happening. Don’t dismiss them or show any annoyance you might feel, children, particularly young children need to understand that it is ok to be afraid sometimes, but also that thunder and lightning isn’t something that you can do anything about.

Once you’ve established that they are perfectly safe with you, it is suggested that as fear comes from the unknown, talking to your children about the science behind thunder and lightning can turn anxiety into interest or turning it into a game by getting them to count the interval between the thunder and lightning, as this will keep them occupied.

If there is a storm at night and they’re too scared to sleep alone, go into their room and sit with them until they’re calm rather than letting them come to you, that way they will understand that their room is a safe space and you maintain a sense of routine.

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