Cost effective ways to stay warm this winter

Cost effective ways to stay warm this winter

Energy bills are still much higher than we’re happy with, so here are some ways you can stay warm this winter and won’t break your budget.

Be clever with using the heating

If you’re worried about the cost of gas or electric, you can be clever about how you heat your home. For instance, you can heat one room and spend most of your time there, like the main family room. It is recommended that you keep your home at 18 degrees if you can but you can easily turn off the heating to hallways or rooms that aren’t often used to reduce your energy bills.

Use hot water bottles or electric blankets

Electric blankets are a cost effective way to keep your bedroom warm, especially if you have it on for an hour or two before going to bed. Alternatively you can use a hot water bottle, which are relatively cheap to buy and retain their heat for several hours.

Eat well

Eating a healthy balanced diet will help your immune system work well over the winter and will help keep your calorie count up as your body uses energy to keep you warm. Plus eating things like porridge and soup will give you an instant boost of warmth and they’re easy and cheap to make. Frozen or tinned fruit and veg are a good way to keep up your five a day while they are out of season and you can use a slow cooker, microwave or air fryer to further cut energy bills compared to using the oven.

Layer up

It’s one of the easiest things we can do, but also one of the last things we think of. Rather than wearing one piece of thick clothing, try layering up. Base layers like long sleeved tops and thermal vests are fairly inexpensive and by layering, you can easily maintain a comfortable temperature. Keep an eye out for clothes made from wool, cotton or fleece – these are always warm and easy to find.

Get rid of draughts

If you have areas of your home that are draughty, try and block them using draught excluders or improvise with cushions or items of clothing. Another way you can get rid of a draught and keep the heat in is to keep the curtains open during the day but to draw them in late afternoon, so the heat doesn’t escape.

Keep moving

If you can, try and get everyone in the house hold to move around at least once an hour and avoid sitting down for long periods of time if possible. Moving around will boost your circulation and help keep your body heat up.

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