Consultation launched over TV licence fee

Consultation launched over TV licence fee

The BBC has launched a consultation to decide how licence fees for over-75s should be paid for. Currently, over-75s don’t pay for their TV licences, as they are financed by a government scheme, though this is due to end in 2020.

According to the BBC, the cost of free licences to the over-75s will total £745 million – which is a fifth of their current budget.
The consultation lists several options for the future of the licence fee, including:

  • Scrapping the free licence fee for the over-75s entirely.
  • Replace it with a 50% concession on all over-75 households
    -This is currently already offered to those with visual impairments.
  • To increase the age threshold for eligibility
    -Raising to 77
    -Raising to 80, which would align with other pensioner benefits that begin at 80, like the increase in winter fuel payments.
  • Means-test eligibility for the concession
    This would ensure that those that most need a free TV licence would receive one.

The consultation will run until 12th February, you can take part here:


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