Would Your Child Benefit from a Club?

Would Your Child Benefit from a Club?

There are many clubs that run in after school hours. Some could be held at the school your child attends or at other places like a church. Most of these run during half term breaks and the summer holidays which ensures your child will have activities they can do to keep them entertained. This also means that you can have some time to yourself for peace,quite and down time. Usually the clubs are local and don’t require a long drive.

GETTING OUT AND DOING SOMETHING Now a days many children sit in front of a television or computer playing on games. Keeping children active helps to ensure they are fit and healthy by joining a club they can experience varying activities.

SOCIALISING Clubs allow children to make new friendships with others who share the same interests as them. The environment provided gives the children a comfortable and appropriate place to be able to meet and usually this can result in lifelong bonds.

LEARNING SKILLS When participating in a variety of activities your child’s skills begin to develop in a range of areas. As they gradually get better their self confidence grows with it; this helps them to take on more challenging things.

KEEPING OUT OF TROUBLE Studies which have been carried out show twilight hours are more risky to children then at night. By being involved in a club it reduces the risk of a child getting encouraged into things parents would prefer them to avoid.

INDEPENDENCE By being away from parents children begin to make their own decisions and learn values that will stick with them even through their adult lives.

TEAM WORKING Most activities require children to work together to an achievement this teaches them how to communicate and listen to others within a group.

FOR THE FUN Children mainly participate in activities for the fun aspect. This is important since children would lose their concentration and begin to not care making it more likely for them to start to be naughty. This is why it is a must to ensure your child likes and enjoys the club or clubs they will be attending.

LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY It allows the children to take on a bit of responsibility and learn leadership skills they can apply to the rest of their lives. Letting them make their own decisions within a safe environment means they can be responsible for their actions but with the risks taken out.

VALUES Some clubs and organisations take part in a type of community service which shows children to look beyond themselves and make a difference to the area around them. It teaches them to be mindful of others and selfless because of the lessons learned it shows the children to be kind and caring which is useful for the rest of their lives.


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