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WaterBumps classes offer gentle exercise in the water for pre and postnatal ladies, we focus purely on you and your needs. Our classes take on a very holistic approach to pregnancy and focus a lot of our attention on breathing, relaxation and labor techniques which can be used in and out of the water.

Exercise in water is not only good for you, it’s good for your baby too! You don’t need to be a swimmer to take part – just being in water provides a wide range of physical, mental and emotional benefits, including:

Before baby

• Helps & relieves symptoms of lower back pain, PGP & SPD

• Lets you ‘take the weight off your feet’

• Improves your sleep

• Helps prepare you for labour & birth

• Gives you some rare & precious ‘me-time’

• Helps with your baby’s growth & development

After baby

• Strengthens your core, pelvic floor & back

• Helps you regain your fitness levels

• Builds your energy

• Stimulates positive emotions

• Makes you feel like ‘you’ again

Why WaterBumps?

• Our teaching qualifications are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives

• We’ll give you the skills & techniques you’ll need before, during and after the birth of your baby

• We’ll tailor what you do to your own changing needs

• Our focus is on strengthening & stretching, and helping with pregnancy conditions, rather than ‘getting fit’

• Our wraparound care is like a big hug for every part of you – physical, mental, social & emotional

• We welcome women at every stage of their pregnancy

We offer all our ladies a prenatal taster class so you can come along and see how we can work with you through your pregnancy. We hold local classes in Henbury, The BRI, Wraxall, Redhill and now Bath

For more information, contact Danielle on 01275 400 800 or email on

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