Andy Mole Schools of Tae Kwon Do  - I have been teaching TKD, for over 20 years, to Adults, Children and Families.

I try to make the classes that I teach as varied as possible. So whatever you are looking for in a martial art you will find it. Whether it's a structured and disciplined environment for your children to learn a martial art. Or a workout with a purpose, that could eventually lead to a black belt.

The classes could involve using impact pads including MMA & Boxing style drills or we could be perfecting our techniques for the next Grading test. We also do a certain amount of conditioning using bodyweight exercises, HIIT training & fitness equipment. We also have classes available where you can train alongside your children. I currently have several family groups training.

TAE KWON DO CLASSES IN THE NAILSEA AREA -  Nailsea Tkd has students from white belt through to 3rd Dan black belt and as young as four to well over forty. We train at the Scotch Horn Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday and Nailsea Comprehensive school on Fridays.
TAE KWON DO CLASSES IN THE YATTON AREA - The club has around 60 students of all ages. Over the years students have competed in numerous competitions with great success. The junior class in Yatton has always been very popular and has some really enthusiastic members.
TAE KWON DO CLASSES IN THE CHEW VALLEY AREA - The club has around 30 students of all ages. The classes in Chew Valley are split into beginners and senior students. The first class is from complete beginners up to green belt and is for ages five to adult. Families are welcome and discounts are available. The second class is for students blue belt and above of all ages. Chew Valley has always been a family orientated club. The first two students were a dad and his five year old son, both achieved black belt. We have some really enthusiastic members and we always try to make classes fun.



Hanham Community Centre

Our mission at Hanham Community Centre is to provide a clean, safe and welcoming venue to the community which, through it's facilities and activities, allows people to learn and develop skills, socialise and gain friendships.

FUNCTION ROOMS - We have two function suites, each with their own private bar and stage area. The larger (Elbrow Suite) can hold 200 people for a function, and is typically used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays as well as concerts. The smaller (Wessex Suite) holds 120 and is used for wedding receptions, quiz nights, birthday parties etc. The Elbrow Suite has a fully working stage with hemp lines, curtains and lighting grid.
The Lounge Bar can also be hired for private functions, and is typically used for funeral receptions, christening receptions as well as corporate events.
We also have a large field adjacent to the premises which can be hired in the summer - typically for private parties, fetes and car boot sales.

MEETING AND ACTIVITY ROOMS - We have on offer a range of activity rooms suitable for a range of meetings and activities - the larger ones (Avon, Whittucks, Ridgeway) are popular for physical activities such as keep fit, Salsa and yoga - as well as larger corporate meetings and training; while the smaller rooms (Gloucester, Wesley, Somerset) are popular for small meetings, seated activities such as lace making, chess, card crafts etc.
The Whittiucks and Ridgeway rooms have a hearing loop installed.
REGULAR ACTIVITIES - There is a vast array of regular activities offered at this Community Centre. As well as our own sections and centre activities, there are many 3rd party activities which are held at the centre on a week-in, week-out basis. All of these we consider to be part of our core service offering to the community.
FACILITIES - All users of the Centre (whether members, hirers or the general public) also benefit from the use of the large Car Park, community facilities such as drinks machines and toilet facilities (including a Disabled Toilet). We also have an extensive Automatic Fire Detection System through the Centre, Internal and External CCTV and access control to provide a safe and secure environment. For most activities and functions there is also a Duty Manager on-site to support and assist you.

We also offer Wifi access from some parts of the Centre - we would consider expanding this if there was sufficient demand. We will also be providing basic internet access from a PC in the Coffee Lounge - which will be available to all. The Ridegway and Whittucks Rooms both have a Hearing Loop installed, funded in 2008 by the Parish council. Both these loops offer excellent assistance to those with hearing difficulties who have a hearing aid, which they can turn to the 'T setting' to benefit from the amplification provided by the loop system.

 Registered CIO Charity 1152575

Johnny G Bristol Children’s Party Entertainer & Kid’s Magician

Johnny G is a Bristol based children’s party entertainer and kid’s magician.

So if you are after an amazing puppet show for your child’s birthday party? Or perhaps a fantastic interactive comedy magic show aimed specifically at children of all ages?

Whatever you’re after, Johnny G has the complete party package to create your child’s perfect day.

This wonderful entertainer also makes lots of lovely bright and colourful balloon models that can be handed out at the end of the party for each child to take home. And Johnny G comes equipped with music and speakers, so the children can dance along to their favourite party tunes.

Added to the mix are Johnny G’s incredibly fun party games and dancing competitions, a sure-fire hit that will put a big smile on the faces of everyone before they have to go home.

Johnny G is available for –

Children’s birthday parties, School, Nurseries, Leavers parties, PTA events, Village fetes, Graduations, Holiday clubs, and all family events.
Puppet Show
Magic Show
Mini Disco
Party Games
Music and Dancing Competitions
Bouncy castle and inflatable hire
Enhanced DBS
Full Public Liability
Johnny G covers – Bristol, Bath, and all surrounding areas.

Call Johnny G now for a no obligation free quote - 07887906075


Water Babies Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol

Water Babies is good for you too! - Water Babies Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol

When you choose to take your baby swimming it’s purely for your baby, right? Wrong.

Swimming is wonderful for your baby in so many ways, but it’s also wonderful for you. Let us explain why!

There’s plenty of information out there about the benefits of baby swimming for your little one, but have you heard about what it can do for you too? Whoever you are, whatever your story, swimming with your baby has wonderful benefits.


Before you give birth, you expect that when you meet your baby it’ll be love at first sight. This isn’t the case, and research has shown that as many as one in five new mums struggle to bond. Sadly, this leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and often contributes towards post-natal depression.

Getting in a warm pool with your baby is naturally bonding thanks to all that lovely skin-on-skin. But more than that, Water Babies knows just how to capitalise on bonding, creating opportunities to build strong bonds between babies and their carers – this also works a treat for dads, adoptive parents and grandparents.


If you ever shied away from wearing a bikini, the idea of getting into a swimming costume just after giving birth can be off-putting. But with your baby in your arms in a pool full of like-minded parents, it actually helps build body confidence.

With the water to support you, moving around in the pool helps strengthen your post-natal body. And having the support of your group helps build your self-esteem and confidence. The focus is on your baby and on what you’re doing rather than how you look, and that’s very liberating.

A level playing field 

Or rather, a level swimming pool! We’ve all come across competitive parents, or felt a bit lost, and it can be very demoralising. But, unlike other areas of parenting where some may have a physical or social head start or simply have more confidence, swimming is a great leveller.

You start your Water Babies class together in the same position. It doesn’t matter how easy your birth was, whether or not you struggled with breastfeeding, or when you started weaning. Even second-time mums have no head start because their babies are also starting from the beginning.

The same goes for your baby. It doesn’t matter how big or small your baby is, whether they’re breast or bottle fed, how quickly they’re reaching milestones, whether they have health issues or learning delays, with the water to support them and the same set of natural reflexes, they are all completely equal. Best of all, you learn with your baby – not only how to teach them to swim, but also developing your own water confidence and even your confidence as a parent.

“When I first meet a new class, I have no idea what each person’s back story is, and it doesn’t really matter,” says Rowan, who has taught Water Babies in Bristol, Bath and North Somerset for more almost a decade. “I can always spot which mums are confident and who’s a bit nervous, but the class environment really encourages everyone to work together and support each other so that quickly levels out.”

“Lots of mums tell us that they start Water Babies because they’re scared of water themselves. I’ll never forget one lovely new mum, Jayne, who’d had a bad experience in water as a child. She was terrified of going under the water, but determined to do it with her daughter. With lots of support, she did it. I don’t think there was a dry eye in house! It’s wonderful to see parents grow in confidence.”

Learning together 

So while you may choose baby swimming to give your baby water confidence, safety and early swimming skills, it’s also a great activity to choose for yourself. Swimming is the highlight of the carers’ week as well as their little ones.


We teach across Bristol, Bath, North Somerset and Wiltshire. 
Call 0117 946 6919 to book your place or enquire online


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