Bond over bread and brownies | New baking creations from The Northern Dough Co.

Bond over bread and brownies | New baking creations from The Northern Dough Co.

Do you dream of a peaceful home, children running barefoot and the smell of freshly baking bread and cookies gently wafting from the oven?

If, in the reality of lockdown, you’re trying to balance home schooling with work, the self-created pressure to turn out delicious treats and snacks as the children raid the fridge every 15 minutes and the task of trying to keep them occupied The Northern Dough Co. might just be able to help.

It has lovingly crafted three new delicious doughy options for you to get your teeth into; a time saving sourdough, a buttery brioche dough and a melt in the middle cookie dough, all of which can be found in Tesco on the frozen breakfast aisle.

The time-saving trio are all vegetarian friendly, with the sourdough also suitable for vegans. Simply defrost the ready prepared dough, shape it and then concentrate on the fun stuff, getting hands-on in the kitchen turning out fabulous restaurant quality feasts without all the fiddly bits.

If you have ever tried to make sourdough from scratch, by cultivating your own starter, you will know that it takes a great deal of time and patience! The Northern Dough Co. has done the hard bit for you so the freshly baked bread smell that we all covet can be yours in a jiffy. Simply defrost, shape it into a loaf, leave it to rise and then bake! It’s amazing stuffed with chilli and olives or try it toasted and topped with avocado for the perfect weekend brunch.

Only one thing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the oven, the smell of freshly baked brioche in the oven. The Buttery Brioche Dough is a delightful addition to the family and takes the pain out of this particularly fancy member of the bread contingent. Why not try chocolate chip stuffed brioche rolls or delicious cinnamon buns?

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re crazy for cookies then this labour of love, a unique brownie cookie dough recipe, means you can be sure to turn out just the right amount of gooey melt in the middle ness every time. Defrost for 5-10 minutes at room temperature cut what you need and it’s ready to go.

The Northern Dough Co.’s mantra is ‘Great Food, Shared Together’. It is the creation of a husband and wife team with young children so they know the pain of juggling at the moment but are also massively aware of the pleasure that baking with children can bring.

It’s a squidgy building block for culinary creativity, and a great way to have a good time with food and goodness knows it’s something we are all in need of at the moment! Stock up your freezer when you’re next doing your supermarket shop.

For some amazing recipe suggestions follow @northerndoughco for a daily dose of inspiration.

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