Best cities for relocating families

Best cities for relocating families

With so many factors—from job opportunities to cost of living— to consider, deciding where to put down roots can be a minefield. Trying to pick the right place to build a life when you have a young family is even more challenging. You want to raise your family in the best environment possible, so when it comes to choosing a location where your whole clan can enjoy a bright future, the stakes are high.

Parents are increasingly striving to reach a great work-life balance, and the city you live in can be instrumental in achieving that. Well-paying jobs, proximity to nature and leisure facilities, and safe communities are all highly desirable factors, but finding a spot that boasts both strong career opportunities and family-friendly amenities can be challenging.

Does such a family-friendly utopia even exist in the UK? Maybe not, but according to a new study, there are plenty of places that come pretty close. So which cities offer the best surroundings in which to raise a family?

The Family Living Index takes into account six crucial factors in its search to find the ideal family city; the number of outstanding schools, parks, average salary, average housing costs, job opportunities, and burglary rates. Let’s take a look at the places that topped the list.



Up from second place last year, Bath took the crown as the country’s best location for young families. With improvements across almost every ranking factor, and average salaries roughly four grand higher than the national average, it’s little wonder that this charming South West hub took the top spot.

An explosion of job opportunities in particular helped Bath score the win. The city rated highest of the 35 analysed, with almost 14 available jobs per 100 capita.

The city’s average house price is substantially higher than other high-ranking locations in the index but given its southerly locale and exceptional standard of living, it’s certainly not undeserved. Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and brimming with history and stunning architecture.

You’re never too far from nature either; the city is an amenity-rich metropolis surrounded by green spaces. Bath is encompassed by National Trust sites, leaving residents spoiled for choice when it comes to family days out.


An increase in great schools and average income, coupled with amazingly affordable housing, make Newcastle a great place to raise kids.

If you’re aiming to bring up a family of culture vultures, there’s nowhere better—there are 10 theatres and 68 libraries in the area for every million people. Despite its modern urban centre and extensive transport system, Newcastle is also teeming with green spaces if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As well as having more than 20 parks on its doorstep, Newcastle is also a stone’s throw from the North East’s stunning coastline.

The city is home to 108 schools with an outstanding Ofsted rating, so your little ones’ education will be in safe hands too.

There’s no shortage of job opportunities for parents in Newcastle either. As friendly as you’ve heard, Newcastle is brimming with customer-facing jobs, with the likes of Virgin, British Airways, and Frank Recruitment Group taking advantage of that famous Geordie charm as some of the region’s biggest employers.


Currently undergoing massive amounts of regeneration, Wolverhampton is on the up, meaning young families have a fantastic opportunity to get ahead in a growing city.

If career opportunities are high up on your priority list, it’s an especially great choice for your family. Often touted as one of the best places in the country to start a business, Wolverhampton already has a healthy job market and has dedicated more than £3.7 billion to improving the city, creating countless more jobs in the process. It’s a particularly good spot for the manufacturing industry, with the likes of Jaguar Landrover and Porsche operating in the area.

Cost of living is reasonable too—always good news for growing families—with the average cost of housing in the area coming in at around £135,000. You’ll have your pick of good schools too, with more than 85% of schools in the area rated good or outstanding.


Manchester has long been popular with students and young professionals, but with disposable income rates climbing and crime rates plummeting, there’s never been a better time to settle down in this city with a flourishing family.

A sprawling city packed with cultural landmarks (and no shortage of kid-friendly activities) we don’t need to sell you on Manchester’s arts and leisure options. But despite its growing reputation for cosmopolitan media hub, the city is surprisingly affordable—average house prices are relatively low compared to other major UK cities at around £173,381.

A burgeoning tech hub, there are heaps of great jobs available in Manchester, and a number of local companies like UKFast and Peninsula Business Services have regularly ranked as some of the best places to work in the UK.

The region has invested enormously in building new, cutting-edge education facilities too, ensuring Manchester’s children have access to the best education possible.


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