Autism Awareness Week is back!

Autism Awareness Week is back!

30th March – 5th April 2020

According to the team at the National Autism Society, over 4,000 schools took part in awareness and fundraising activities for last year’s event – are you doing anything to raise awareness at your school?

Statistics show that one in every 100 children at UK schools is on the autism spectrum and over 40% of them have said that they have experienced bullying due to a lack of understanding about their behavior. Because of this, it has never been more important for schools to promote a better understanding of autism and to support pupils with autism.

Facts about Autism

  • Autism is a hidden disability, you can’t always tell if someone is autistic and the condition affects different people in different ways.
  • It is much more common than many people think, it is estimated that 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK
  • Autism affects both boys and girls, it is a common misconception that it only affects males.
  • Because autism is a spectrum condition, it affects everyone differently so there is no one way to support those on the autism spectrum. Some people with autism are non-verbal others are not.
  • Some children are diagnosed as young as two, while others are not diagnosed until much later. Typically, children are diagnosed around the age of four.
  • It is widely believed that Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were both on the autism spectrum.

How can you get involved?

There are loads of ways you can get involved in raising awareness during Autism Awareness Week, you can sign up for fundraising challenges, bake sales or anything else that takes your fancy!

Signing up your school to take part in World Autism Awareness Week allows you access to a range of free learning resources to help staff, parents and other children better understand autism and how it differs from person to person. You can even select tailored packs for your age group!

Is your school taking part in any activities for World Autism Awareness Week? We’d love to hear about it, get in touch with us on social media, we’re @ukfamilymatters on both Facebook and Twitter or email us,

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