Are you struggling with the back to school blues?

Are you struggling with the back to school blues?

While parents might relish the return of school so they don’t have to stress so much about finding somewhere for the children to be during working hours, kids are usually much more stressed about having to go back.

The start of a new term can trigger a lot of emotions in children and in some parents too, especially those who has kids going off to a different school this time around, whereas children can feel apprehensive at what awaits them.

Sometimes, what looks like anxiety in your children over going back to school, can be them sharing learned behaviour from their parents rather than exhibiting genuine fear over an experience they’ve had at school. Studies have shown that parents who didn’t enjoy school themselves may pass on their own anxiety to their children or find themselves continuing to question authority when it comes to discussing issues with school staff. If you think you might be falling into this routine, you will need to put your own fears aside and communicate with your children and their teachers to make sure that they receive the encouragement and reassurance from their parents about going back to school. If they do have a genuine anxiety about going back to school, make sure to listen to them and take their concerns seriously, so that the problem can be worked through. It might be that your child is nervous about returning to an environment they feel uncomfortable in or perhaps there are other students or staff members that they don’t get on with? These issues can be easily dealt with by talking them through with your child and their teachers.

Children who have a difficult time at home for whatever reason might find the prospect of returning to school distressing, especially if they feel any shame or fear regarding their family situation. It can cause them to lack confidence and make them reluctant to join in with their classmates, again this is something that can be easily sorted by communicating with the school and your child.

Perhaps your child is starting a new school, going from nursery to primary or primary to secondary. It is natural to feel anxious with big changes like this, so don’t worry too much but also don’t play down your child’s fears, just let them know that you support them!

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