Are you entitled to child funding?

Are you entitled to child funding?

If you are thinking of sending your child to a nursery or pre-school, you might be concerned about the fees.

It is important to know that all children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to fifteen hours free childcare a week, in some circumstances, children are entitled to 30 hours, check with HMRC about your eligibility and how to apply. Your local council will also be able to offer advice and support with this.

Here are a few different childcare funding options, take a look below to see what your options are.

Tax Free Childcare
This is available for children aged 0-11 or 0-16 if your child has a disability. This is a benefit for working families, including the self-employed.
Families are encouraged to open an online account to pay for registered childcare and the government will add an extra £2 for every £8 you put in, you can receive up to £2,000 per child per year and more if you have a disabled child.

15 Hours of Free Childcare
If you are a family receiving some form of support with children aged two, you could be entitled to fifteen hours of free childcare or early education for 38 weeks. You will need to speak to HMRC to verify if you are eligible for this option. Alternatively, all families in England receive 15 hours of free childcare for children aged 3 and 4.

30 Hours of Free Childcare
Some working families are entitled to 30 hours a week, rather than 15. This is for 3-4 year old children. Speak to HMRC or your local council to find out more and how you can apply.

Universal Credit
If you’re working and have children under 17 and claiming Universal Credit, you can claim back up to 85% of your eligible childcare costs for children under 17. Log into your Universal Credit account or speak to a call handler to find out more.

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