5 Top Tips for Planning a Low-Key Wedding

5 Top Tips for Planning a Low-Key Wedding

To help you plan the perfect low-key wedding, Jewellers William May have put together 5 top tips to help you plan a socially distanced wedding to remember.

1 – Refine the Guest List 

  • A maximum of 30 people will be allowed to attend so liming the guest list will ensure your low-key wedding is in line with the Governments latest guidelines. Couples still looking to tie the knot in 2020 can do so but not in the usual churches or reception venues with lots of people in attendance
  • No plus ones and no friends of friends – your nearest and dearest will still be able to make your special day

Super tip – Set up a video link to ensure those not invited in person can become virtual guests instead – this way, they will still be able to sing! 

2 – Carefully Consider Outdoor and Indoor Ceremony Options 

  • Hosting your wedding outdoors will give you more room to invite more guests (but only a maximum of 30 people!)
  • Perhaps ask a friend or family member to become ordained as a celebrant however they’ll have to talk quietly whilst assisting. This is a wonderful way to make your low-key wedding extra special and one to remember, it will also help to decrease the amount of external people who are present on the day
  • Bad weather? It is a concern for many here in the UK but we have a solution – keep your chosen spot to tie the knot, within walking distance of your reception venue
  • 2 meter social distancing applies to all weddings taking place

Super tip: When singing or chanting is required, only one person is allowed to and the couple or venue should consider installing a clear screen as protection* (Source – .GOV)

3 – Say no to Food & Drink – they’re off the table! 

  • No food and drink can be consumed at a wedding under the latest advice, so the only sensible option is for all guests to eat before attending if possible

Super tip: Don’t consume food or drink at the wedding, it’s not being advised, so eat before! 

Tip 4 – Think About Reception Layout and Fun Activities 

  • Opt for long tables now over short tables and probably expect to find on the tables just hand sanitiser! Why? You have to keep social distancing in place of course and whilst the UK is expecting the current 2 metre distance to reduce to 1,  2 metres will stay in place at wedding events so the long tables will still need catered for.
  • Fun activities on the day will need extra special consideration for your evening celebrations. Avoid the retro photo booths, you’ll only end up tightly crammed in together – which we advise against! Also, avoid singing or blowing on large musical instruments!
  • Drinking… Yes, we have gone there! It’s not allowed sadly!

Super tip – Food and drinks are not allowed but you can bring a none-alcoholic drink on the drive there and leave it in your car

Tip 5 – Picking the Perfect Wedding Rings (and wash your hands before and after the exchange!)

  • This is of course a really important part of the process. Both washing your hands and picking the rings! Shopping back in retail stores is still going to be tricky. Here at William May, we ensure you can choose a wedding ring online. Just make sure you follow all of our dos and don’ts when picking your bands. In addition, thanks to our measuring guide, you’ll find it easy to work out your ring size. Before you exchange rings, ensure you wash hands before and after and be sure as little people are possible handle the rings

Super tip: When it comes to choosing your ring, it’s important to consider investing in really good, quality materials that will last you a lifetime. An example would be Platinum. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch this far, then white gold (which wears over time) may be a better option for you. If you prefer traditional colours, then consider both 24ct gold and 18ct gold.

Jewellers William May commented:
“With retailers now opening back up across the country, those looking to tie the knot will be wondering how best to plan for their perfect day. Weddings in 2020 don’t have to be off the table, even if the food and drink does, so we think a low-key wedding is an intimate and very special alternative option. Just remember to keep your distance, don’t sing and perhaps whisper amongst each other instead of speaking loudly!

Our latest advice should bring comfort to people looking to still get married in 2020.”

The full guide on planning your perfect low-key wedding can be viewed here: https://www.william-may.co.uk/blog/2020/06/5-top-tips-for-planning-a-low-key-wedding/

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