5 forgotten Christmas traditions

5 forgotten Christmas traditions

While many of our usual festive activities have been around for centuries, there are some that have been forgotten, like these!

Green Santa
Santa’s suit used to be green! These days you only ever see him in red, but back in the day it was all about the green suit.

Shoe the Mare
This game dates back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, basically after dinner you have to follow a barefooted family member around the house and try to catch them.

Questionable hot drinks
You might be happy with a cup of tea, but in Victorian times the drink of the day was a Smoking Bishop – which was a hot mug of port, red wine, cloves and oranges. Other hot drinks include Whipcoll, made of brandy and egg, Lamb’s Wool which has ale, apples, sugar and cream and Egg Hot, which featured cider, egg yolks and spices!

Burning a Yule Log
These days a Yule Log is a chocolate cake, but originally, the family would select a log to burn and no one in the house could do anything until it had turned to ashes!

12 days of mince pies
While we eat mince pies for a lot longer, in the Middle Ages, the tradition was to eat one mince pie every day from Christmas Day up to January the 6th.

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