4 cute baby keepsakes you can make yourself

4 cute baby keepsakes you can make yourself

As busy and stressful as life is as a new parent, the first year or so is one that you’ll want to cherish, whether that’s through photo albums or something a little different. Here are some suggestions of cute baby keepsakes you can make yourself, either to keep or to use as gifts for grandparents or other family.

Babygro Bears

It’s always a sad time when you realise that your little one no longer fits into their Babygro, especially if it is a Babygro that has some significance, like if it features your favourite sports team or has your favourite animal on the front. Don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to those memories, why not turn them into soft toys for your children to enjoy for longer?!

You can find a free sewing pattern for these bears here

Baby blanket

It isn’t just bears and other animals you can make either, why not gather together all the clothes that don’t fit anymore and turn them into a blanket? Kids will love how colourful they are and you’ll love the nostalgia you feel every time you see it.

3D baby handprint ornament

These make great gifts, are easy to make and last forever. You could create Christmas decorations that you can keep using every year or give to family for the little one’s first Christmas, or just create little keepsakes at various milestones to see how much they’ve grown.

All you’ll need to make these is salt, plain flour and water, the amount of which will depend on what you’re planning to make and the quantity. Just mix the salt and flour and remember to mix the water a little at a time. Knead together until a dough forms, you can then roll it out flat and then shape however you like before pressing baby’s foot or hand into the dough (make sure to wash them after you’re done!). For hanging decorations, poke a hole in the top to insert a ribbon or bit of string. Bake the ornaments at 200 degrees or gas mark 6 for around 3 hours until its dried all the way through.

Leave them to cool and then decorate as you like!

Baby footprint canvas

These are another great way to chart the growth of your baby and to remind yourself and your family how small they once were. Get a blank canvas from a stationary or craft store, mix up some baby-friendly paint and you’re ready to go!

You could make a new print every six months to show their progress or just leave it at their newborn sized feet to cherish forever!

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