100,000th bag distributed!

100,000th bag distributed!

The team at School In A Bag are celebrating, not only is this year their 10th anniversary, but on the 9th January, they distributed their 100,000th School Bag!

The 100,000th bag went to nine year old Prakesh, through the organisation’s Nepalese partner, Helambu Education Livlihood Partnership (HELP), who have been working with them for six years. This particular distribution was also one of world-first unicyclist, Ed Pratt’s 4,000+ Nepalese-bound SchoolBags after he raised enough for 15,000 bags on his round-the-world trip.

Hannah, from the charity, wrote a blog about the process. She said: “In November 2018 I travelled to Nepal to work with School in a Bag’s partner charity, Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP), for three months. School in a Bag’s success has had a huge impact on HELP, and I was lucky to be joining them for a very busy and exciting few months. With the money raised from Ed’s Unicycle Tour, 4,650 SchoolBags were funded in Nepal alone. The whole month of December, and the first weeks of the New Year were dedicated to SchoolBag distributions in the Sindupalchowk district and beyond.

Over the 6 years they’ve worked with School in a Bag, the team at HELP have polished their distribution method – I had a lot to learn. The SchoolBags are usually packed at the School; a collective effort involving teachers, students and HELP staff, often outside and against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalaya. The School children would patiently watch the assembly line, their gaze eagerly following each item as it was placed into the SchoolBag, which they know will soon be in their arms.”

“On the 9th of January, I was lucky to be with HELP as they distributed the 100,000th SchoolBag to Prakash Kudka of Grade 5, Shree Naulingshwory Basic School, Sindupalchowk, Nepal. This 100,000th SchoolBag was no different from every single other Bag which had been placed into the hands of a hopeful child over the past nine years. The SchoolBag was red, and the contents the same. Prakash was no more or no less special than the children who’d received a SchoolBag before him, or after him. Each SchoolBag which is given to a child is providing them with the tools to learn. What’s different is the way in which each child uses the tools to reach their own unique academic and creative potential. Somehow the 100,000th Bag brought all these unique children together, symbolically linking them across the world. They are the first 100,000 of many more, I am sure. That’s definitely something to be celebrated.”

The charity would like to say a big thank you to all their fundraisers and donors, from the beginning of this journey in 2009 to today, they’re excited for what the next ten years will bring and even more so about the next 100,000 bags.

You can find out more about the charity, any upcoming events and read Hannah’s blog of her Nepalese experience at: schoolinabag.org


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