New Animals Join the Puxton Park Family

New Animals Join the Puxton Park Family
PUXTON Park is thrilled to announce the arrival of three new species of animals to the park. The new arrivals consist of three Giant (Nubian) Goats, a new Cockatoo named Mikey and some very rare and endangered Shetland Ducks.
The newcomers now join a large family of rare and endangered animals, located at Puxton Park. With over 50+ species and 200 animals, the family amusement park is certainly expanding.
Joseph Huntley, Senior Animal Supervisor at Puxton Park says: “We are extremely happy with the success of our efforts to promote farming in the UK, Europe and abroad as well as educating children and families on the importance of animal welfare. However, most rewarding of all is witnessing the success of our increased efforts to encourage the conservation of native species in the UK and abroad. As a result of this work, we are also proud to have welcomed two new-born Cameroon Lambs to the park this month. We will continue working to protect and conserve various rare and endangered species. “
Since opening in 2007, Puxton Park has expanded massively with the addition of numerous new attractions and a new Discovery Barn that hosts animal interaction sessions and owl encounters. Over the years, the Park has accumulated thousands of 5-star reviews with many of these reviews mentioning how Puxton Park seamlessly combines a fun and exciting adventure experience that is also a great educational opportunity for families to not only have a great day out but also learn some interesting facts about the many animals.
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