Bargain offer to reduce nappy waste

Bargain offer to reduce nappy waste

Residents across Bath and North East Somerset have been snapping up the Council’s nappy offer to purchase re-usable nappies for £100 less than the retail price resulting in a combined saving of £1,300.

Parents have bagged a bargain for their babies – with “birth to potty” packs of reusable nappies going for just £150, instead of £250. And the savings don’t stop there.  According to the real nappy campaign ‘Go Real’, the savings of using the re-usable nappies for three years with one child could amount to over £800.*

Bath & North East Somerset Council is promoting re-usable nappies to reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away.  With each child getting through on average between 4,000 – 6,000 nappies, according to the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the sale of just these nappies has potentially saved up to 78,000 nappies from the bin.

Councillor. Bob Goodman, (Conservative, Combe Down), Cabinet Member for Development & Neighbourhoods, said: ‘Recent studies show that 7.5% of the rubbish that residents of Bath and North East Somerset throw away is nappy waste.  With the Council changing to every other week rubbish collections, this is a great opportunity for parents who wish to reduce what they throw away, to save money  as well as creating space in their bin.’

Tim has been using re-usable nappies with his daughter Poppy. He said: “When Poppy was born we made a decision to use re-usable nappies as much as we can. They are easy to use and look great, they wash really well and have adapted to her size as she’s grown – who knew one size really does fit all!. It feels great to know we are throwing away much less waste because of this.”

The packs, which include 15 nappies and accessories such as a nappy bin and liners, have adjustable poppers, making them suitable for newborns through to children who are potty training.  By teaming up with South Gloucestershire Council and Bambino Mio, the Council has been able to bring residents this fantastic offer.

To find out more about the nappy offer, please go to

To find out more about the new service, please go to or contact Council Connect 01225 39 40 00.

*Based on Go Real figures:

A single disposable nappy from the leading brand costs approximately 20p and a baby could use about 5,850 nappies, costing over £1100 in a three year period.

For re-usable nappies there’s the initial outlay (£150 with Council offer) plus washing at 60 degrees and not tumble drying costs approx.23p, totaling £42 a year (including detergent) costing £276 for 3 years – £1100 – £276 = £824.


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